Bueno Mikey Apology Tour

Coming to a Ramada Inn conference room near you

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: I’m sorry.

I messed up. Massively. Last week’s issue of the Bueno Mikey Gazette led to some… how shall we say? Controversy. In an attempt to explain my mission as a writer, and to bridge it into something relevant to intended future subject matter, I (mistakenly) compared the Gazette to Gremlins 2: The New Batch. To describe that decision as tone deaf would be an understatement. And to try to justify it would be… well let’s just call a spade a spade. It would be silly.

Actor and comedian David Spade

In today’s issue of (hopefully the only) Bueno Mikey Apology Tour, I have 3 goals:

  • Apologize ✅
  • Explain myself and my mission more clearly
  • Don’t do a dumb bit for one whole paragraph

Well, at least the easy one’s done.

Honestly, if I’m being straightforward about it, my mission as a writer is pretty simple. I want to write, whether that be for film or TV, or about film or TV, or even the nebulous world that ties all those things together. It’s really the only thing that interests me! And I really don’t spend enough time doing it for some reason. So that’s what this is. But upon some reflection I feel I didn’t properly address that yet!

I do like making jokes and things in my writing, but sometimes they take center stage and muddle my message. It’s almost as if my lack of confidence and experience as a writer causes me to put up a shield of jokery, i.e. having the first thing I publish be a stream of consciousness riff that’s more about Gremlins than introducing myself. That’s right, even when I try to articulate my perceived inadequacy to express myself, I fail to do so.

More than anything, I didn’t want the first post to feel like one of those pilot episodes that, for one reason or another, feels starkly different from the rest of the series. I didn’t want to show up in the Bueno Mikey Apology Tour with a totally different haircut because the first and second episode were shot 18 months apart on different sets, in a manner of speaking. Would’ve totally killed the vibe of my heartfelt apology.

In short, I’m figuring this out as I go. Next week for sure I think we’ll really start to see this thing take shape. And I think I’m learning now that maybe I shouldn’t feel obligated to explain myself every new post. That would probably get old real quick. Which settles it. This concludes the Bueno Mikey Apology Tour.

The beach from the movie Old (2021), another situation where things tended to get old real quick



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